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You’re not going to be seen as ‘sad’ or unpopular if you turn up with no one else in tow.

The whole point of the event is to meet people; so feel free to come alone and make some new friends!

The dating works on a scorecard system, and works online after the event.

If you tick someone and they tick you back then you’ve got a match, once a match is created you will then be free to chat to that person within our messaging service.

These dates are arranged in a variety of age groups and following on from the night you will have an opportunity to swap contact details with anyone you hit it off with, you are in complete control of who receives your personal details.

Whether you’re seriously looking for love or you’re just game for a laugh with the guys or the girls, speed dating is great fun.

This ensures that you are complete control of who you would like to chat with after the event.

You have plenty of dates, so you’re not going to offend anyone if they’re not to your taste – the chances are that if you haven’t hit it off, they’ll have hit it off with someone else. Never fear, around a third of our female participants arrive alone, and approximately two thirds of our male participants arrive alone.

If a particular type of event is not listed in your city, please let us know, with enough interest we will arrange this and inform you of the date.

Register Your Interest Speed dating is a great opportunity for you to meet a variety of people and find the perfect person for you.

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Speed dating is the up and coming trend and perhaps one of the best and increasingly popular ways to meet new people.