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As an active and health-conscious person myself, having a partner who's invested in their wellbeing is important to me.

That said, smoking is definitely a deal breaker for me.

The event will include a march, a call to action, and musical performances.

Meet at pm at Ascarate Park, 6900 Delta Drive, El Paso.

Past boyfriends have introduced me to some of my favorite things, like sushi, skiing on the West Coast, and adventures to dog parks; however, I’ve also realized my intolerance for sleeping until noon on the weekends, rap music, and a diet that regularly incorporates fast food.Popular dating apps typically ask for what you are looking for in a partner, so it’s only natural to think about what you like or appreciate about a potential significant other as you swipe or scroll through dating profiles.But dating profiles don’t always prompt you to think about the most important question you should ask during that first meeting: What are your deal breakers?LOOKING AHEAD: Saturday, September 14, 2019 Education will be the theme of this monthly public meeting of the Southern New Mexico New Progressives.Speakers will be Public Education Commissioner Pat Gipson, LCPS Community Schools Coordinator David Greenberg, and NM Senator Bill Soules who chairs the Senate Education Committee.

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