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Rather, the lessons I’ve learned all stem from having the courage to lead with our true selves, no matter the context.

To that end, Freedom U goes beyond any of my other programs. or experience more joy, excitement, and happiness than ever before…

At its central location in downtown Singapore, the Academy conducts weekly small-group classes and 1:1 coaching sessions.

I feel privileged to have the opportunity to share these tools, strategies, and insights through Freedom U.

Most important, this is not a process that requires any of us to change who we are fundamentally.

“One of our chief aims is to be a constant support network for our members. We are there for you at every step of your development, and for as long as you are with us, we are with you at every stage of your relationships with women―from the lunch date to dinner dates to escalating the relationship to physical intimacy and to an exclusive, lasting commitment,” says dating coach David Tian.

Shocked by low birth rates among its citizens over the past two decades, the Singapore government took formal measures to encourage marriage and procreation and set up the government agency known as the Social Development Network (SDN), which also provides funding for privately-owned matchmaking and dating agencies in Singapore.

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Today, while my life isn’t perfect, one of the greatest gifts I have is my absolute certainty that the joy I feel is here to stay and that I can recover it whenever needed.

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