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Such behavior would interfere with the invisible but very dominant parenting contract.And it’s not worth it.” Learn more about the Parent Contract in my book Blend-The Secret to Co-Parenting and Creating a Balanced Family.

What's the relationship like between the three brothers and their dad? We look at those little people, and we’re just like, “Wow.

We sat down and came up with ways to explain to him what happened, why he is where he is, and how beautiful it is no matter what—that his family is a little different than maybe some of his friends, but we all love him so much.

We had to really put that in his mind to the point where he would believe it, and we also believe that showing is much stronger than telling.

One of the number one things that we have learned is the art of communication as women.

It helps us to better communicate with our children.

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We didn’t talk to him about it, but we also showed him.

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