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Who is jeremy davis dating

If I told you that those were the directions to my house, that would be a lie and you would never arrive at my house using that information.You would not end up where you planned on ending up.LIES FALSE INFORMATION UNDESIREABLE OUTCOME Being lied to is like receiving bad directions to someone’s house.If you had no idea where I lived and I told you that the directions to my house were to start out on George Wallace Dr.When someone gives us false information, we are likely to make a poor decision that will ultimately lead us to an undesirable outcome.Lies are basically false information that causes us to make poor decisions that lead to undesirable outcomes.

Take a right on Elm St., Turn left on Butter and Egg Road, and keep going until you see a water tower on your right, and after you pass the water tower take the first dirt road to the right and we are the fifth house on the right.The only way to effectively help a person who is outside the Christian faith take the next step toward a relationship with Jesus is to meet them where they are and lovingly walk with them through all of their doubts and questions and to show them with your life what a relationship with Jesus looks like. Statistics show that approximately 25% of all baptisms in Southern Baptist Churches occur as a result of Vacation Bible School.This statistic is used to hype the importance of VBS in local churches.This statistic should cause us to re-evaluate what we are doing in our weekly children, student, and adult environments. Here are three key questions that I have learned to ask: *Is the physical ENVIRONMENT appealing to your target audience?*Is the CONTENT that you are presenting perceived as helpful to your target audience?

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It is possible that I’ve forgotten what it is like to struggle with the issues of life, death, and eternity.

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