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And published authors have book readings to sell the books.” Because the book’s just so heavily illustrated, it’s not something that really would make sense if the words were just spoken out loud, because the illustrations help to move the story along.

So I knew that if I was going to have a book reading, I would have to have a visual representation of what was being read and that would manifest as a slideshow.

The book also contends from its various interviews that Stoltz just wasn’t very funny and couldn’t deliver the screwball energy the movie needed.

“Eric is such a different actor, and he could be very difficult,” costar Lea Thompson, said noting she was “really good friends” with Stoltz.

Thompson also acknowledges that the actor was a “a bit of a handful,” but worth it because he delivered the goods.

All the young actors wanted to be like De Niro and Pacino, which was good in a lot of ways… He wasn’t really a comedian, and they needed a comedian.” Worse, apparently Zemeckis and producer Bob Gale knew Stoltz wasn’t working early on and needed to be replaced.

Evidently Johnny Depp, Charlie Sheen, and John Cusack were on Zemeckis early shortlist after they learned that Michael J. Crispin Glover was also a notoriously difficult actor on the set and he was obviously not invited back to the sequels (which led to a famous lawsuit that Glover won).

Fox was “off-limits” because of his aforementioned TV series. According to the book, Glover was, perhaps to no shock, described as a “polarizing figure” and there’s an anecdote about the grips being forced to build a barrier around him just to get a shot because he refused to stay in frame.

“It could be a late night.”Crispin Glover, in other words, is not here to make things easy for anyone, and to his very loyal and somewhat particular audience, this is exactly the point. And I thought that was a good idea, so I went and found an old book from the 1800s called I always had liked words and art, and so I left a few words on one of the pages in there. And then I put some other artwork in, and then I did it on another page, again with some more words.

Ahead of tonight’s screening, we asked Glover about his I wanted to say first that contacting you is, at the outset, a very different experience from contacting other people who are well known. I put more artwork in, and when I was reviewing it, I realized there was a new story that started to happen.

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“I dramatically narrate these eight different books as the images from the stories are projected behind me,” he says.

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