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If you're over the age of eleven, a decent toilet roll supply is just a given, no? But sadly he was a recovering alcoholic who ended up replacing his addiction to alcohol with an addiction to sex — with Carrie.

Nope, beyond Carrie's sweet designer wardrobe and suspicious real-estate setup for a freelance writer, Sex And The City didn't position itself in the realm of fantasy, so much as in a kitchen sink drama with regards to the choice of men Carrie got.

But it turns out Keith's whole shtick about being a Hollywood agent turns out to be a lie. Lesson: attractive, youthful millionaires are a rare breed.

If you meet one, assume he's a poverty-stricken nobody, just like you.

They're going to need to focus on themselves, not on someone else, or they could end up falling back into the same addictive patterns that were so painful in the first place.

Handsome French architect Giles woos Carrie, seduces her, and then pays her.

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She joked about the dress saying, Poppy, 47 is an Australian-American actress.