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Validating method classifying digitally modulated signals

Parallelization of event-driven simulations is achieved via Preemptive Event Processing (PEP). Furthermore, as the pixel size is decreased, the amount of light available also decreases, generating shot noise that degrades image quality.

PEP effectively generalizes time stepping by automatically choosing irregular time levels and processing at each level only changing (“active”) states. An alternative approach for enhancing spatial resolution, beyond physical limitations of the image sensing apparatus, is to use signal processing techniques to arrive at an HR image.

The constellation of interactions between these factors renders the treatment of chronic pain challenging and financially burdensome.

Further, the widespread use of opioids to treat chronic pain has led to an opioid epidemic characterized by exponential growth in opioid misuse and addiction. is an assistant professor of Anesthesiology at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) and Associate Director of Research at the UCSD Center for Mindfulness. Zeidan’s Brain Mechanisms of Pain and Health Laboratory is focused on identifying the psychological, physiological, and neural mechanisms supporting mindfulness-based pain relief. Zeidan’s team also conducted the first placebo-controlled meditation-brain imaging study to show that meditation is more effective than and engages different brain regions from placebo analgesia.

The INC chalk talk series meets bi-weekly as a forum for interactive exchange on all aspects of neural computation.

The purpose of these meetings is to foster the collaborative interactions between INC members and with colleagues across campus, and to stimulate new ideas and research initiatives.

Each meeting features one of the core or affiliated INC faculty labs/groups, with informal presentation of late-breaking research and new research directions.

The meetings are open to the community, and we encourage broad participation across campus.

The ability to undersample images allow us to generate higher resolution and SNR datasets on the 3View serial block face SEM system than would otherwise be possible, facilitating higher quality and higher throughput 3DEM imaging.

Many scientific and engineering systems can be modeled by differential equations discretized in time and space.

When these equations describe processes evolving on disparate time scales, in particular strongly coupled nonlinear phenomena, standard time integration techniques (including multi-stepping methods) often have difficulty accurately and efficiently predicting evolution of these systems.

The basal ganglia play a major role in motor control, which is heavily affected by Parkinson’s disease.

In the first part of my talk, I will discuss a study showing alternating modulation of subthalamic nucleus beta oscillations recorded from Parkinson’s disease patients in a stepping task.

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