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Each server needs only 512MB RAM and here are the hosting providers that I recommend. Once you have bought two servers, install Ubuntu on them and follow the instructions below.You need to run commands in this section on both servers.A reverse zone contains PTR record that map an IP address to a DNS name. PTR record often is necessary for mail servers to pass spam filters. You need to create PTR record at your hosting provider’s control panel, or ask your ISP, so I’m not going to cover creating reverse zones in BIND.Now you need to go to your domain registrar’s website to change the NS record for your domain, so the Internet would know that you are now using your own DNS server.

It’s originally developed by UC Berkeley, and later in 1994 its development was moved to Internet Systems Consortium, Inc (ISC).Log into the two servers via SSH and run the following commands to install BIND 9 on Ubuntu 18.04/16.04 from the default repository.BIND 9 is the current version and BIND 10 is a dead project.An authoritative DNS server is used by domain name owners to store DNS records.It provides authoritative answers to DNS resolvers (like or, which query DNS records on behalf of end users on PC, smartphone or tablet.

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Normally you use hostnames in the NS record like The above information will be sent to a registry operator who runs TLD DNS servers via the Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP), so that TLD DNS servers know the hostnames and IP addresses of the authoritative DNS servers for your domain name.

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