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Updating mirrored walls

Paper borders were used as a cheap and cheerful alternative but aren’t very popular today.

If you're selling your house, “old” and “out of date” are not good messages to be sending.Here’s a list of the 7 biggest offenders of 1980s and 1990s home decorating that sellers should consider removing or replacing when preparing the house for market:1) Dense floral wallpapers and fabrics: For a long time, wallpapers were actually quite taboo in home decor, specifically stemming from papers used in the 1960s to the 1980s.One of the biggest design trends in the 1980s were dense floral wallpapers with the pattern carrying over to the draperies and furnishings. " faster than a riot of roses coming at you from all sides.If you're selling, toss or donate and either purchase new (to be used in your future home) or rent some suitably subdued replacements.6) Wall-to-wall mirrors: Mirrors are a fantastic way to create a feeling of spaciousness and light in a room (when used well).However, the days of floor-to-ceiling mirrored closet sliders are pretty much over.

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Most of these are easy to switch out and will make a world of difference.

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