Updating address book

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Updating address book

Best of all, there’s no charge to use the Fed Ex Address Book for your shipments.You can choose to have every address verified before you ship, as well as have all of your addresses checked automatically on a regular schedule that you set up. Click the My Lists tab on your shipping screen, select Address Book and you’ll go straight to managing your addresses.You can update all address book records with the category codes that you changed or you can update specific address book records and category codes.If you choose to update only specific records, use a processing option to identify which address book records to update for each category code or leave the processing option blank and use data selection to select which records to update.You’ll find recent updates make it more intuitive, more customizable and more accessible than ever before.New features include an import mapping tool, more display options and more acceptable file formats — all to help you ship more quickly and more easily.

After the Address Book is enabled, you can use the Address Book Editor to make updates to the Address Book.

To update individual address book information, use the Address Book Revisions program (P01012).

To update many addresses simultaneously, use the Effective Address Update program (R01840) or the Global Category Code Update program (R01490).

If you do not want to update all addresses, use data selection criteria to limit the addresses. You can set up a version to update addresses to a date other than the current date.

You can use a date other than the current date to ensure that addresses are in effect for the day that you mail correspondence instead of the day that the addresses were generated.

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