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Ukforum dating

Excellent stuff so far I'll give this a go but I can't play the game with these rules, where is the fun? 4-make no team talks (I'm in charge of team talks, but say nothing to avoid getting bad/good influence to the tactic). I have already tested with Watford, Stoke and Spurs.

I've explained it a couple of times but for those that don't know how I test tactics here it goes: My usual method to fast test a tactic in TFF's Tactic Testing League(v2): 1-actually play every match as I DON'T TRUST INSTANT RESULT/SIMULATE MATCH.. There are few others were also tested and given their feedback in chicken wing thread.

Everyone interested should just give it a try and judge by yourself instead of listening to anyone. I'd post screens but it's 2031 in my save so I am using pretty good players by now. Not sure how significant it could be but in Will's Leicester test save I played Drinkwater as right BBM and Kante as left BWM and Albrighton on RWM and Mahrez on LWM.

Nonetheless, it performs the best out of all tactics I have tried in the last seasons (several Knap tactics, TFF tactics, etc). Test result were the best compared with what's being tested before.

I tested with OI too and results were great 4 goals average per match.

Not sure how it will do without OI, looks like it is still great.[url= due to the OP being the way it is.

But with all due apologies to him and to the author I'm afraid the tactic loses it's visibility among other tactics on that thread, and I think this is just too damn special to allow that to happen.

Nonetheless, it performs the best out of all tactics I have tried in the last seasons (several Knap tactics, TFF tactics, etc). look at stats of my shitty players and we supoused to finnish last normaly i play instant result but i did watch few games "Total Domination" should be name of this tactic I think it is a cheat tactic lol ..Tells you little about the players needed to fit the system when they are named attacker one.As well as the obvious fitness cheat levels of the players in the pics.I'd prefer to simply be able to show the year in which the game was released, without month or day (which frequently is assumed to just be 1/1).I guess I could commandeer one of the text fields (probably md_publisher) and put that information there, but I'd prefer a means to automatically format the datetime result to only output the year. Update: It looks like a known enhancement request for emulation station.

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