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No one in the pick up artist community would know his real name or about his writing career until later in 2005.

He became deeply interested in the community and its advice and thoroughly studied, including paying 0 for the first coaching bootcamp given by the pick up artist Mystery (Erik von Markovik).

He created an alias name "Style" as his forum discussion name, and for other's to know him by.

As a second line of protection of his identity he also took on the personal name "Chris Powles" which he gave to people he knew better.

His cover on Kurt Cobain's suicide together with the profile he wrote about Eric Clapton on the New York Times Arts and Leisure section earned him the ASCAP Deems Taylor Award.

He authored an article about his experiences in the dating industry under his real name and published it on the New York Times.

In 2005, Style published a biographical account (with some storytelling element incorporated) on his experiences within the community of pick up artists.

Then, in 2004, another journalist researching the pick up artist appeared on one of Mystery's bootcamps and identified Style as Neil Strauss.

At this point, Neil decided he should make the choice to reveal his own identity within the pick up artist community rather than have another journalist reveal it.

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He became Mystery's main wingman and companion in the arts, and also began teaching students himself on Mystery's bootcamps.

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