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Lindsey Jordan: "As far as songwriting goes, I've been a guitar player for as long as I can remember.

I've been developing my style and constantly absorbing musical inspiration in order to figure out what my style is and what it means to me.

I wish I had the ability to have a song idea or a melody in my head before I get started on the guitar, but it's just never started that way.

But it's less about how to classify music or tell people how to listen to music and more an argument with the music industry because women are so underrepresented."I think that's a valid point, and the playing field is not equal.It's a weird personal preference, and it has worked for me in the past.If I feel like I'm constantly rearranging, the music and the words stop working together, and then I kind of give up.Jordan and company have racked up praise from just about everywhere for their gorgeous album, which is just perfect for soundtracking a summer of angst.Jordan spoke to Refinery29 about the quirks of her songwriting process, her dislike for the separating "women in music" from musicians, and her advice for women who aspire to be in the industry.

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But it also doesn't feel quite as gendered, or about the female experience, as some albums."Something I am always going for is to write about experiences that I want to be writing about or time periods or events, but doing it by putting space between myself and the song so I don't feel like I'm forcing anyone to hear my side of the story.