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The Cambot character was inferred in Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie, but is never spoken to by any of the characters.During the online Turkey Day '13 Marathon, Joel (appearing as Joel Hodgson rather than in character as Joel Robinson) addressed Cambot frequently, asking the robot to help with the clues to what the next movie would be.Although the blue tone was likely hue from the darker lighting aboard the SOL the show adapted in the Sci-Fi era.

The Cam Bot family of free-roaming XY pedestals offers three distinct choices to suit a wide variety of studio layouts and capital budgets: the mid-sized 600XY-S2 and 600XY-S3, along with the original high capacity 700XY.Cambot is only seen during the "Robot Roll Call" portion of the opening credits, often with his name reversed, presumably to imply he is shooting his own image in a mirror.His appearance was changed with almost every reshooting of the opening credits, most likely since there was little need to keep the puppet around once its one appearance had been shot.From time to time, the characters on the show interact with Cambot in a Brechtian fashion.Cambot is apparently the conduit whereby the SOL crew and Deep 13's denizens communicate via a forward viewscreen (not unlike those of various Star Trek starships) that the characters look at, when they are in fact "looking into" the living rooms of the viewers.

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