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Radajaxmanager not updating controls

Then, using the Rad Ajax Manager, I wanted to have the textbox controls perform their postback using an ajax request and update another portion of the screen where the results of the request would be displayed.When the request completed, I wanted the textbox control that caused the postback to have an empty value.

So I have a Rad Panel Bar, and within that a Rad Tree View. but for some reason my events are taking long to fire..

I implemented a Rad Grid which contained two levels of information within a user control that is being rendered in Share Point (MOSS 2007).

I therefore used coding and markup as explained on the Telerik demo site here.

On a node click event I want so update some control.. It works fine except that the first time I click on a child node it takes a very long time to update the control.. I set a break point in my function and I noticed that it is taking long to fire the On Node Click event.. If I refresh the page, it is slow on the first click again.. Is the structure of my HTML inappropriate for these AJAX calls? quite a few times i thought i solved the problem as it would start responding quickly.. and setup the control so that it does a Post Back.. EDIT: So I followed the advice on this post and I used the webservices to do my binding and handle everything from the client side code..

If I click a parent node in the tree view it loads fine on the first click. I feel like this is a really simple example that should work.. EDIT: I updated my code according to this article, [URL] , and the problem persisted... EDIT: Just to clarify, by updating according to that article, I mean that I removed all the tables and relative widths and replaced them with css positioning and fixed widths.. but then after I change my and change it back (even to the exact same thing when it was working quickly).. All seemed to be ok until I decided that I wanted to return nodes from my webservice that could also be expanded..

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Here is how my markup ended up being structured: 1) First I declared the Rad Ajax Loading Panel.