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Property data updating description

Use bullet points When people surf the web, they don’t read; they scan.

Make it as easy as possible for homebuyers by listing off the great things about your property rather than write up a novella.

Some homebuyers have a difficult time taking a listing seriously when they are busy laughing at all the spelling and grammatical errors in the listing.

Be descriptive I could go on and on with descriptive words such as, comfortable, stylish, luxurious, magnificent, elegant, and practical, but it is ultimately up to you to create a property description that sells your home to a potential homebuyer.Ensure that all your contact information is correct and speak to the homebuyers in a conversational tone.Sometimes, other circumstances get in the way of selling your home quickly and efficiently, but making sure that your property descriptions is not once of those things is a step in the right direction.Keep it short Sure, there is so much about your home that needs to be revealed, but a property description should not exceed 250 words.Remember that a property description should drive the homebuyer to pick up the phone and inquire about more information.

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By using auto-implemented properties, you can simplify your code while having the C# compiler transparently provide the backing field for you.