Planetside 2 character stats not updating

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Planetside 2 character stats not updating

Even if these are actual statistics, what percentage of players will return to this garbage bin when they see what the developers have done.You can minus my message to infinity, but this will not cancel the fact that this patch failed and failed through the fault of the developers, it was not worth entering it so raw.If it cannot find one it will look for the best fights on any continent.This should prevent instant action from taking players away from Alerts or off a continent they enjoy.The important number here is the UNIQUE logins and that barely increased.The fact that the total logins spiked just means that people have to keep logging in because they keep crashing.I love it, I supported it with money, I've been a subscriber, I've played on PTS.

This involved the addition of a Lattice Link system, and the removal of several bases.Resources do not matter, but I wonder if there's any of you still believing we will see phase 2 of the revamp. Zerging is a core issue rooted in Planetside 2 game's design and cannot be fixed. In PS1 it was a smaller issue as continents had less bases, but in PS2 players teleport back and forth changing population ratio so quickly that population is rarely balanced. No artillery, no robots, no new vehicles, no Oshur. I don't care if it's going to be a max 300 players in squads: none of the battles I've played tonight on Miller was that big.You have been playing phase 2 for years, this is what you get. The way NSO were implemented did not help and whatever they are working on it will arrive late. Good, but it's the same, and population is not going up. And if it comes out for console even better, I'm gonna play it on the couch with my wife and my daughter./r/dataisbeautiful Edit: I can't read graphs Neither Miller nor Cobalt show any sign of a player boost on Fisu, player peak is around 1000 players.Probably servers crashing and booting 1000 players and they all log in multiple times a day symptom :)1000 is not average for Miller and Emerald hit 1350 yesterday.

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But if the servers actually could handle it, we would see even better numbers.

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