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The rock’s magnetic properties are retained (thermal remanent magnetism) for geologically long periods unless the rock is again heated to near the Curie temperature.Rock samples have their thermal remanent magnetism determined by magnetometers in a laboratory.Presuming the seafloor at the Mid-Atlantic rift spread similarly in the past as it does today, then as time progressed, the Earth’s magnetic field regularly underwent a full reversal in dominant direction.Thus, magnetically, the seafloor in the Atlantic appears as linear anomalous bands.The recent study of this problem () on lavas from Mamainse Point shows that the geomagnetic reversal asymmetry observed in rocks of Keweenawan age is an artifact of the rapid motion of North America during this time.The other study by Kern et al, (2012) on rocks of the alkaline Coldwell Complex (Ontario, Canada) also suggests no asymmetry in geomagnetic reversal during Keweenawan time.

All younger sedimentary and igneous suites exposed on the Keweenaw peninsula (the Copper Harbor conglomerate, LST, etc) have normal polarity magnetization.However, the geomagnetic field reversal mentioned above is characterized by an asymmetry, manifested in natural magnetization recorded by Keweenawan rocks that crop out around the Lake Superior (e.g., Palmer, 1970; Halls and Pesonen, 1982; Pesonen and Halls, 1983; Schmidt and Williams, 2003).Most but not all of the reversely magnetized (“reversed”) lava flows and dikes of this age consistently have characteristic directions of magnetization that are about 20 to 40 degrees steeper in inclination than their normally magnetized (“normal”) equivalents, while declinations show the expected 180 degree relationship.Using paleomagnetic techniques it now becomes possible to determine the past relative positions of two separate continents, provided they were previously conjoined to the same plate.A paleogeographical reconstruction of the earth can then coalesce from global paleomagnetic data endowing geologists with valuable insight into Earth’s past.

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Around the world, thousands of formations and outcrops have been paleomagnetically analyzed and documented making accurate paleocontentinal maps of Earth a reality and furthermore giving geologists an almost clairvoyant gaze into the past.