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This is a great way to start your vacation in Cebu in that it will give you insightful context to apply for the rest of your visit.A trip to Cebu isn’t complete without a walk down Colon Street.You may even join in on Sunday mass where you’re sure to be greeted with kind ‘hello’s and smiles from Filipino locals, mildly surprised to see you.Here is another great place to come with your family as Mountain View Nature Park has something for everyone. Let the kids run wild in the shallow pool with slides and stairs.You can see for miles and miles from the viewpoints all around the park.There is a restaurant, café, public washrooms, and even hotel rooms. Going to the shopping centers in the Philippines is a cultural experience in itself, starting with the food.These particular Whale Sharks are considered wild, but instead of migrating to warmer waters for parts of the year, they stick around as the fishermen continue to feed them.

Lined with markets selling colorful backpacks, jewelry, clothing, and shoes, this street makes for a great place to buy your souvenirs.Unlike many other cathedrals and churches in Cebu that give you a window into Filipino culture, the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral focuses much more on the history of religion in the city.More specifically, this cathedral stands as a history lesson of how Christianity came to plant such deep roots in a country whose previous religion had deeper ties with Hinduism and Buddhism.After you’ve got your fill, have a walk around to look at the clothing and shoe shops.They’ve got big brands like H&M and local brands for you to browse.

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There is an ice-skating rink, children’s playground, and arcade where you can rack up tickets to win all sorts of prizes.

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