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You will probably have some choice in the last name you can give the children of your relationship.

If the father’s name is on the birth registration, then the child can have the father’s name, the mother’s name, or a combination of the two.

The amount of time you must live together before you are entitled to particular rights can vary.

Some provincial laws recognize a common-law relationship after one year of living together.

To protect your property rights, it is wise to have a cohabitation agreement with your partner that clearly sets out the ownership and division of property.

To end a relationship, a common-law couple stops living together.

You should look at the different laws and policies to determine how they define a common-law relationship.

How long must we live together before we are recognized as a common-law couple?Since the does not apply to the property of common-law couples, they may want to enter into a Separation Agreement to set out their rights and obligations to each other.The separation agreement can include the same things as a cohabitation agreement (ownership and division of property, and support arrangements), but it can also include provisions for the custody and access of the children.Many people choose to live together instead of getting married.The purpose of this pamphlet is to tell you about a couple's legal rights and responsibilities when they live together, when they break up, and when one partner dies.

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However, the court can change any provisions dealing with the support, custody, or access to the children where it believes it is in the best interest of the children to do so.

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