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Kansas chat room

In 1977, he talked his way onto the board of directors of a local charitable organization and forged a series of letters from its executive director to the mayor of Kansas City, and from the mayor to other civic leaders, commending his generous volunteer efforts and generally singing his praises.

Eventually he had himself named the organization's Man of the Year, and threw a festive awards luncheon in his own honor.

Robinson, portraying himself as a wealthy businessman and philanthropist, offered to pay Debbie's medical expenses and give Sheila a job.

In 1994, the mother and daughter moved from Fullerton, California to Kansas City and immediately disappeared.

In 1979, Robinson finally completed probation; but in 1980, he was arrested again on multiple charges, including embezzlement and check forgery, for which he served 60 days in jail in 1982.

After his release he formed a bogus hydroponics business and swindled ,000 from a friend, to whom he promised a fast investment return so that he could pay for his dying wife's health care.

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In 1961, he enrolled at Morton Junior College in Cicero to become a medical X-ray technician, but dropped out after two years.

Robinson cashed Faith's pension checks for the next seven years.

Gradually, Robinson became well known in the increasingly popular BDSM online chat rooms.

At this time he reportedly began sexually propositioning his neighbors' wives, resulting in a fistfight with one of the husbands.

He also claimed to have joined a secret sadomasochism cult called the International Council of Masters, and to have become its "Slavemaster", whose duties included luring victims to gatherings to be tortured and raped by cult members.

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