Is being on an online dating site cheating is chris brown dating anyone

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Is being on an online dating site cheating

He called me several minutes before my tour and and the fake girls meeting to ask me where I was (to make sure I was gone), asked me when I was to get home(I told him a time) and he told me, please text me before you head home so I can make our date night perfect.When I showed up and she didn't I could see the shock in his eyes and the confusion. He followed, assured me that he knew all along it was me, which is crap.

So if you have lost that trust for him then you can't live you life fearing that he is cheating on you with someone.

Me at 25 weeks pregnant he has a new computer and starts shutting the screen when I get close.

I snuck up on him one day and saw a girl on the screen so I went and set up fake users on each dating site I knew he used and baited him. It was a Friday night, date night and we were scheduled to do a tour of the birthing center where are baby is to be worn really really soon.

He says he only ever went on a couple of times when he had had an awful day and that it made him feel better to exaggerate his life -a nice car, big house etc.

He says he never talked dirty and at the most a bit flirty (which I find hard to believe on an online dating site) and he was never turned on by anyone.

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I got married to the love of my life a year ago and a few weeks ago I walked in on my husband and saw something on the computer and asked him what it was, he panicked and shut the computer down.

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