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Sometimes your best friends can feel more like family than your cousins. When you go through an accident together, when you go through a traumatic event, sometimes that brings you closer together. Jordan No matter how you feel about your extended family or family gatherings you will be attending. Cousins are the barometers of how fun a family get-together will be. – Courtney Cox Cousins are usually the first friends we have as children.

This is because now the ultimate reason for attending family gatherings is for your children to have the time of their lives with their cousins. No one will ever understand your crazy family like your cousins do even if you haven’t talked too much lately.

Sometimes you do the hard work and set the table and somebody else eats the meal.

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A bene placito - At one's pleasure A capite ad calcem - From head to heel A cappella - In church [style] - i.e.

Vocal music only A contrario - From a contrary position A cruce salus - From the cross comes salvation A Deo et Rege - From God and the King A fortiori - With yet stronger reason A fronte praecipitium a tergo lupi - A precipice in front, wolves behind (between a rock and a hard place)A mari usque ad mare - From sea to sea (Motto of Canada)A mensa et thoro - From board and bed (legal separation)A pedibus usque ad caput - From feet to head A posse ad esse - From possibility to actuality A posteriori - From what comes after.

(Rome)Ab/Ex uno disce omnes - From one person, learn all people Abiit, excessit, evasit, erupit - He has left, absconded, escaped and disappeared Absente reo - In absence of the defendant Absit invidia - No offence intended Absit omen - May the omen be absent. Not actual any more Ad alta - To the summit Ad astra per aspera - To the stars through difficulty Ad astra - To the stars Ad augusta per angusta - To high places by narrow roads Ad captandum vulgus - To appeal to the crowd -- often used of politicians who make false or insincere promises appealing to popular interest Ad clerum - To the clergy Ad eundem gradum - To the same level Ad eundem - Of admission to the same degree at a different university Ad eundum quo nemo ante iit - To boldly go where no man has gone before Ad fontes - To the sources (motto of Renaissance Humanism)Ad fundum - To the bottom / To the end (said during a generic toast, like bottoms up! (improvised, made up in an instant)Ad hominem - Appealing to a person's physical and emotional urges, rather than her or his intellect Ad honorem - In honour. Ad nauseum - To the point of making one sick Ad perpetuam rei memoriam - For the perpetual remembrance of the thing Ad praesens ova cras pullis sunt meliora - Eggs today are better than chickens tomorrow (a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush)Ad referendum - Subject to reference Ad rem - To the point Ad valorem - By the value, e.g.

(Early bird catches the worm.)Aut Caesar aut nihil - Caesar or nothing i.e., all or nothing Aut disce aut discede - Either learn or leave Aut insanit homo, aut versus facit - The fellow is either mad or he is composing verses. So thank you, all of you, just for being here for me!Hockey quotes for coaches, players, parents and fans. Inspirational hockey quotes are great to motivate athletes and energize a fan base.Animis opibusque parati - Prepared in minds and resources (ready for anything)Animus facit nobilem - The spirit makes (human) noble Anno (an.) - Year Anno domini (AD) - In the year of the Lord Anno hegirae (AH) - In the year of the hegira Anno mundi - In the year of the world Anno regni - In the year of reign Anno urbis conditae (AUC) - From the year of founding of the city (Rome)Annuit coeptis - God has favored us Annus bisextus - Leap year Annus horribilis - A horrible year Annus mirabilis - Year of wonders Ante litteram - Before the letter Ante meridiem (a.m.) - Before midday Ante mortem - Before death Ante prandium (A.p.) - Before a meal Ante - Before Antebellum - Before the war Antiquis temporibus, nati tibi similes in rupibus ventosissimis exponebantur ad necem - In the good old days, children like you were left to perish on windswept crags Anulos qui animum ostendunt omnes gestemus! Apage Satanas - Begone, Satan Appareo Decet Nihil Munditia? (An inscription seen on medals)Ars gratia artis - Art for art's sake.(motto of MGM)Ars longa, vita brevis - Art (work) is long, but life is short Ars sine scienta nihil est - Art without science is nothing.

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(still waters run deep)Alumnus - Nursling (former pupil)Amantes sunt amentes - Lovers are lunatics Amantium irae amoris integratio est - The quarrels of lovers are the renewal of love.

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