Intimidating a witness nc

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Intimidating a witness nc

To be found guilty of the felony offense, the same actions need only be alleged to have been done with “deceit and intent to defraud.” Some examples of obstruction include pulling the fire alarm in the courthouse so your case does not proceed, attempting to intimidate or bribe a witness, or even slashing the tires of a witness so they cannot make it to court.

What if, in the carjacking scenario from above, instead of a grocery store the actions take place in your neighborhood, and you are a uniformed member of the neighborhood watch?

But if they had only said “If you testify in court .

(a) If any person shall by threats, menaces or in any other manner intimidate or attempt to intimidate any person who is summoned or acting as a witness in any of the courts of this State, or prevent or deter, or attempt to prevent or deter any person summoned or acting as such witness from attendance upon such court, the person shall be guilty of a Class G felony.

While in jail awaiting trial, defendant became friendly with a man he knew as “Dennis Scott” or “James Scott Dennis” (hereinafter “Scott”).The aforementioned actions could also form the factual basis for the common law offense of obstruction of justice.There are two variations of obstruction: the Class 1 misdemeanor variety, which is punishable by a maximum sentence of 120 days, and the Class H felony variety, which is punishable by a maximum prison sentence of 20-33 months. in Holly Springs, called a prosecution witness in the trial of Donovan Jevonte Richardson to discourage her from testifying, according to an arrest warrant. Richardson, 24, is charged with killing Arthur Brown, 78, and his co-worker, David Mc Koy, 66, inside Brown's home at 236 Howard Road on July 19, 2014. A.'s Office was just trying to scare her," the warrant accuses Jacobs of telling the witness.

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(b) A defendant in a criminal proceeding who threatens a witness in the defendant's case with the assertion or denial of parental rights shall be in violation of this section.

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