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Has dating

They were just little boyfriend and girlfriend then, having grown up in the same area.

Asap Rocky joined ASAP Mob in 2007 and seemed to stay away from the dating scene until his breakthrough four years later.

However, the duo did not make it to a happily ever after stage as their boat hit the rocks in July 2012.

Iggy who was born on June 7, 1990, got the A$AP part of her tattoo crossed out in March 2013.

Their busy and conflicting schedule played a role in the breakup.

According to a source, they spent more time away from each other than they spend together.

The rumors of ASAP Rocky dating Kendall Jenner sparked off in 2016, much to his step mom’s chagrin.

Their relationship was not really exclusive and was kept on the lower radar.

However, she felt heartbroken and used when her supposed beau went to the Met Gala 2017 with another supermodel, Kendall of the Jenners.

After he separated from Iggy, he moved on to the beautiful model in November 2012.

They were engaged at some point in 2014 but broke off their engagement some six months later, going their separate ways.

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