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Posted by / 01-Dec-2020 06:08

One of the nice, but somewhat hidden, features of the upcoming Ubuntu 10.4 release is that you can access chatting, tweeting, and social network all from a simple panel applet.

Now I will warn you, this feature is not production-worthy. But to see what is in store is certainly worth the effort of working with the tools.

I got my new Mac Book Pro 13″ around noon today, but had to wait until noon to start playing around on it.

Here are my phones blurring pictures of the old HP dv4000 (left) and the new Mac Book Pro (right). Thats because it no longer even boots thanks to some internal hardware problems.

This time around I decided that I wanted a smaller, more portable laptop.

I’ve also tweaked my Mac Book’s name so it appears a little more customized on the network (using this guide).So far I’ve gotten the basics installed and setup thanks to suggestions from my brother and friends.I’m still testing out Xcode to see how I like it, but my first impression of the 3gb download wasn’t too positive.Select Twitter from that list and then, in the new window, enter your Twitter username and password.You can do the same to add a Facebook (or any other supported) account.

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Click on the Broadcast account and then, in the new window, click the Add button.