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If Kate is killed before the wedding, the mission will fail.

When the player arrives at the church, they can see two PMP 600's, a Virgo and a Cognoscenti.

I'm so sorry, cousin." Soon, Niko will receive a call from Little Jacob, explaining that he's found Pegorino's men and the final mission will commence when you meet him at Koresh Square in Alderney. On the way, she says that she wants Niko to abandon his criminal activities and violent lifestyle, and Niko happily agrees.

Revenge " You fucking double-crossing immigrant shit! before shooting Kate on the wedding If you choose "Revenge" instead, Kate is happy that Niko "cut his ties " with Dimitri and tells him to pick her up for the wedding. Wear a suit from the safehouse, or buy one from Perseus to prepare for the wedding. When Niko and Kate arrive at the church, go into the yellow marker.

Kate will wait with Bernie, Little Jacob, Brucie and Roman.

Roman tells Niko he should not blame himself, but Niko, enraged and downhearted, shouts that he can because she's dead, and gives Roman a shove.

Roman and Mallorie kiss, then the view returns outside, with Roman and Mallorie happily exiting the church. A black car drives past the celebration and the passenger window rolls down to reveal an enraged Jimmy Pegorino, who attacks with an assault rifle and, with a shout of "You fucking double-crossing immigrant shit!

" he empties the weapon into the celebration, killing Kate.

The Cognoscenti is presumably Roman's and Mallorie's, as it has a wedding ribbon on it.

The Virgo is Jacob's and Badman's, as it's used in their missions.

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More Like This You May Also Like Rockstar Games published "Grand Theft Auto IV" (GTA 4) in 2008. The mission consists purely of a cutscene depicting the wedding of Roman to Mallorie Bardas -- the end of the scene, however, depends on Niko's above mentioned decision.