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Gene hackman dating

As a struggling actor working a doorman job in New York, Hackman is said to have seen one of his instructors, saying that Hackman "wouldn't amount to anything." The meeting pushed Hackman on, and within a few short years, Hackman had his first Academy Award nomination in 1967 for the violent crime biopic, Bonnie & Clyde.Before this, he had worked on many light comedies in theatre and on Broadway, often working with improvisational groups to hone his ability to be more natural and quick-thinking.After his first Oscar nomination, Hackman was eager for work and almost accepted a role on a TV series that would later become The Brady Bunch, however his agent advised against it.Before long, Hackman was taking home his first Oscar for playing the unhinged, relentless New York detective Popeye Doyle in William Friedkin's starkly realistic crime drama The French Connection.

Paul Newman was even considered, but considered to be way too expensive for the role.Hackman played a former US President who's retired to a quiet, sleepy town and begins to butt heads with a local man.Hackman's character was a hugely successful politician who's lost touch with the common man and only enters into a mayoral race to stop his house being divided in a divorce settlement. " Listen, if there's one sure-fire rule that I have learned in this business is that I don't know anything about human nature. And she called him over and she said, "Son, whatever you do, don't sell that cow! Proofread it for me before they carve it on the headstone, okay?

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