Games for dating

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Games for dating

Bible Jeopardy is another game you can create on your own.

Just find a chalkboard, write down a bunch of topics on pieces of paper then have the players randomly draw a paper and draw whatever it says.

In the regular version of Guesstures, you'll just have regular things to act out like "kiss," "pig" or "airplane" but in the Bible version, you will have more Biblical topics like "Baptize," "Cross" or "Moses." Bible Wheel of Fortune is easy to make yourself.

Come up with a topic such as "books of the Bible" or "place in the New Testament," choose an answer and on a large chalkboard draw empty spaces for each letter.

If you are concerned about keeping kid's interest, add elements of fun and games to the event.

Have the kids collect a sticker or feather for their hat or some other token at each table.

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