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As for the extent of the vocabulary, it is designed to be complete for the text given in the Reader, and also, it may be added, for the text in the Appendix to the Grammar. It is proper to mention here several matters touching the general plan of the vocabulary. These students unquestionably have a legitimate and sufficient reason for undertaking Sanskrit, and I venture to hope that the difficulties of the beginning (see p. xv) have been so materially lessened that the}' will now find even a modicum of Sanskrit well worth the trouble of attainment. For the well-established and well- edited Vedic texts, such help was of course not needed. For the Rigveda, Aufrecht's second edition was made the standard. ^■ SANSKRIT READER: WITH VOCABULARY AND NOTES BY CHARLES ROCKWELL LANMAN, Professor of Sanskrit in Harvard College. What the beginner needs is an elementary work comprehending both text and vocabulary in a single volume. Member of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, the Soci6t6 Astatique, and the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland.' Corresponding Secretary of the American Oriental Society. And accordingly, this Reader is meant to furnish ample material for about fifty weeks' reading, in a course of three hours a week, and, with the text, the appropriate lexical apparatus.

3 Thus the Brahmana selections Ixvi., Ixvii., Ixviii., and Ixxii. 6 Especially in the use of anusvdra and of the nasal mutes, of b and of g.

In making m}' selections^ from the various Sanskrit writings, I have had two practical aims in view : first, to provide abundant material for thorough drill in the language of the classical period ; and, secondly, to furnish a brief introduction to the works of the Vedic period. Accordingly I have not sought to give any thing new, but rather that which is best suited for beginners.

The easy Nala is the Xenophon's Anabasis of Sanskrit students, and quotations from it appear very often in the gi'ammars.

On account of their easy stj'le and simple narrative, the}' furnish admirable matter for exercise in rapid reading. The xxxiii.,xxxviii.,xxxix.,xli., xlv.,xlvi., andlix. text-selections are intended to be mutually ^ Selection xxxii. The Brahmana pieces are chosen in such a way as to show the relation of this kind of literature to the hymns or Mantras.^ The selections from the Grihya-sutras are the two most interesting chapters of Indian private antiquities, the wedding and the burial service.

The selections from " Manu " are so made as to illustrate some of the most important and interesting matters of Hindu custom and belief.* Among the Vedic hymns (or Mantra-material) are, first, some of the easiest* ; then some taken on account of their poetic^ or dramatic'^ merit, or 1 These include 68 pages of classical San- wliich was appealed to as scriptural author- skrit and 37 pages of Vedic Sanskrit. Coin- 2 Nineteen fables : there are forty-three pare also the notes on 28 ^3, 57 3^ and 65 ^ ff., in all. These texts are, to a certain extent, rubrics, and prescribe that numerous specified stanzas of the Rigveda be repeated at these ceremonials.

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