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' The bastard was the first to notice them as they crossed the field, shortly followed by the cute one as she noticed her questions were no longer receiving non-committal grunts in response. " Naruto twisted around to find a redhead closer to his height standing behind him, causing his face to scrunch up as he studied the figure.

Both sets of eyes flickered briefly on Naruto, then to his person, where they lingered curiously. After a moment, the concentration flowed away into a curious look.

Her stance indicated she was somewhat skilled, but unless she was hiding something extraordinary, wasn't a credible threat.

(Fur around the muzzle, fluffy tail with the white tip, medium-size ears.) - Her boots were inspired off a mix of Silver the Hedgehog and Amy Rose's boots. It was, as usual, the curse that was now his main source of woe. " His friend smacked a fist into the other open hand. Both teens rounded another corner and continued down the street, Naruto's stomach growling the entire time. He had gotten a breakfast off the vouchers the Hokage guy was loaning him until he could get stabilized in the village.Since the sealing he had been shifting at random, twice back to his female aspect and surprisingly once back to his male aspect. " Of course, the first images the name conjured in Ranma's mind were that of a cowardly rat face ninja. Didn't sound like Naruto was quite as fortunate this morning. "Naruto looked longingly at a fishball stand they were passing on the edge of town, but steeled himself, taking up a determined stride away from it. Kakashi-sensei said not to eat and I'm not gonna eat!In other words, today was just going to be full of—"Ranma! Almost reminded him of his training missions ..least those that hadn't ended in Phoenix people, hybrid dragon princes, Amazons, curses… Yep, definitely a great day to be a martial artist."That's the rest of my team." Naruto broke Ranma's introspection without even looking back at him."The thirteen year old pigtailed boy stopped short and twisted around to find a familiar blond ninja stepping out of a side street. " The Genin picked up his pace and covered the remaining few feet to his new friend. ""Headin' out to meet ol' Cyclops." Ranma smiled at Naruto, whose face immediately took on a puzzled countenance with the statement. The pigtailed boy banished the thoughts as he followed his blond counterpart into a clearing. No fiancées, no rivals, no parents, no arranged marriages, no manly obligations… Ranma's eyes focused on the pink haired girl and black haired boy at the other end of the field.

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I watched it as a recommendation from Ecchi Master himself and I was not disappointed. I found the anime to be absolutely atrocious, but others may like it.

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