Firefox keeps updating

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Although the Firefox software is one amongst the best browsers for Windows, that doesn’t mean it runs precisely without a hassle.

Firefox keeps crashing and shuts down unexpectedly.

In the Firefox updates: section, select Check for updates, but let me choose whether to install them.

If you do not install the updates, you could put your computer at significant risk due to potential security vulnerabilities that these updates may be fixing.

I don't know what version of Firefox is the most current. I see now that this was a known issue, and that Real has fixed it. In order to investigate this issue further, please let us know what exact version of Firefox and Real Player you are using. If you are not seeing the Download This Video button in Firefox, please try the steps from this article: Using Download This Video in Google Chrome, Edge, and Firefox If you're having a different problem, please explain what happens exactly when you try to download a video so we can assist you further.

And I did get the update that I'm assuming corrected it. Ever since then, Firefox has been lagging, hanging, freezing, crashing, and it did something REALLY weird with You Tube and switching to another tab. To learn how to check your Firefox version, please see: Find browser version To find out what Real Player version you have, check out: How can I tell what version of Real Times (Real Player) I have on my PC? If you are receiving an error message, please send us a screen shot - here's how: Sending a screen shot to Technical Support (Windows) Hi Sarah, We need to find out if the freezing is a Firefox issue by itself or it is cased by Real Player.

option to keep the recent release of the Flash plug-in software in your device.

After that, exit the Firefox application and go to the folder that involves the Flash plug-in. Finally, check if Firefox still keeps crashing on the Windows 10 device.

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