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A call to customer service for a forgotten password indicated to Evan a larger issue of the caller not using the site regularly enough to be an effective dater.Evan would offer tips to callers who expressed frustration with online dating, and his advice was received so well by callers that he eventually asked JDate if he could become “The Date Doctor” and offer an official, additional service for those who wanted more help than a typical customer service rep could provide.Fourteen years of coaching women means Evan has shattered a lot of myths, including the commonly accepted notion that most relationships are hard work.“Good relationships should be fundamentally easy,” Evan said.She can sit back and observe a man’s efforts to pursue her and later decide if he’s a good long-term fit for her company, so to speak.Being the CEO of your own love life results in a lack of anxiety that makes the entire dating process much more pleasurable.

But, most of all, you’re tired of going on bad dates.

In his straightforward yet compassionate approach, Evan said he tries to describe actions as effective versus ineffective — rather than right versus wrong.

He’s worked to reverse engineer what worked effectively for him to find the long-lasting love he was searching for so he can help others find love, too. It’s a constant process of learning and exploration so you can make better relationship choices over time,” Evan said.

That person should accept you for who you are and understand you as an individual.

You’re on a team, working together to make the relationship work.

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Chemistry is often cited by many as the defining factor in what they look for when venturing into the world of dating – but is it the most important factor when it comes to the success of long term relationships, and what can you do to maximize the chances of finding the one while ensuring you waste as little time as possible?

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