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I've spilled enough ink on these pages over the years over Composer and Drupal 8 (2019, 2018, 2018-2, 2017, 2017-2, 2017-3, etc.), and most of my older postings still highlight current problems in using Drupal and Composer together.There's a massive initiative to make things better: [META] Improve Drupal's use of Composer.Caveat to those who read on—you may think I'm trying to disparage Drupal through the rest of this post. I'm exposing the dark side of a major open source project's decision to radically re-architect it's core software on an entirely new foundation. a lot of people mention that because more people build custom Node.js-based single page apps using the MEAN stack, or now do hip and trendy 'full stack development', and Drupal is some old monolith, Drupal has been left in the dust.It's helpful to know these things so we can figure out ways to avoid hitting all the pain points in the future, and also as a sort of 'call to action' in case anyone reading this thinks they can push some initiative forward in one area or another (it's no coincidence I'm finishing this post on the flight to Drupal Con Seattle! I don't buy that argument, because otherwise we'd see similar attrition in pretty much all the other PHP CMS communities... Sure, there are use cases where someone would consider a hip trendy decoupled web framework backend.In any case, the new architecture has more complexity than the old; and because of this, it's almost a necessity to adopt the following: swapped out—it went from using the unholy monster that was PHPTemplate to a clean, new, standard system from Symfony, Twig.

And most modules would, as part of the general upgrade process, write an update path so those using the Drupal 6 version would have all that module's configuration make its way to Drupal 7, as long as they were running the latest and greatest Drupal 6 module version when they upgraded.

Along the same theme as the previous topic, Drupal rearchitected most of the foundational bits of code (the menu routing system, the HTTP request system, the Block system, the Entity system—pretty much everything except maybe Forms API) on top of Symfony, a very robust and widely-used PHP Framework.

But this meant that large swaths of Drupal experience were thrown out the window. but the way they are built changed from weird-but-conventional Drupal hooks to using 'Plugins'.

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