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While this chat service is created and maintained by faithful Roman Catholics and is Catholic oriented in nature, please be advised that anyone can say anything in any chat room.

Also not permitted is posting a website url that sells goods, services or solicits money.

Our chat rooms exist primarily for members of the Catholic Church.

Selling of goods or services, or soliciting money or donations in any way is prohibited.

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" without trying to look up the answer on the help page beforehand.

Our staff and the guests are more than willing to be helpful to answer any questions you may have give out your email address, phone number, or the name of the parish where you worship nor the city you live in or any other personal information to anyone.

Please avoid asking others in the room "how do I....?

"Airing of grievances" in the room is not permitted.

They bend over backwards trying to serve everyone and be as fair as possible while doing the best they can to enforce the rules for the benefit of the majority of our guests.

Our job as Christians is to listen and pray for others needs.

Please take what you read here with a "grain of salt" What is said in chat may or may not accurately reflect authentic Catholic Teaching and Practice.

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