Double dating men with wife sissy

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As I read the story I was getting more and more aroused. I noticed a good looking Asian guy around 40 staring at me. I wish I knew if he had a hot wife, like you to share . -- Woody Allenhi everyone, 47yo closet cd with smooth lil clitty fetish would luv to hook up and play sissy ;) with women or other cd/tgirls the week of October 9th. enjoy dressing with, seeing others dressing and being seen dressing in sexy or sissy lingerie.

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Little does he know that they are planning to get their revenge for his behavior in the classroom.The next thing you know, he's in panties and loving it!The latest story by Vickie Tern, The tale of a woman taking control of all the men in her life and the consequences they pay for the privilege of serving her....intense feminization and forced male sex To give him a reminder of her, a man's wife leaves one of her nightgowns for him to sleep with while she is out of town.Upon her return, they discover that when he wears lingerie, their sex life is incredible.Before long, he's in satin and lace on a full time basis and loving every minute of it!

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She takes control and soon has him helpless and begging for more The Candidate (Part Four) Our sissy is branded in a uniquely sissy way..begins getting ready to be the maid servant for a party the ladies are holding for their guess who will be the featured attraction?