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Dd intimidating presence

World War II resulted in the destruction of Germany's political and economic infrastructure and led directly to its division. policy began to change at the end of 1946 and by mid 1947, Truman started policies to help stabilize the economy of Germany.In the immediate post-war years the German population lived on near starvation levels, and the Allied economic policy was one of de-industrialization in order to prevent any future German war-making capabilities. Because of the different political beliefs between these nations, relationships were strained and thus began the Cold War.Unlike West Germany, dogs that had fast normal hips or worse could not be bred.Dams had to appear with her whole litter for an inspection of teeth, ear set, temperament, coat, total overall appearance.Agree with the standards or not, one cannot argue that it did assure that for almost 40 years only the dogs who met strict criteria were allowed to breed.

In May 1945, Nazi Germany collapsed when Berlin was taken by Soviet and Polish forces.The testing criteria of the East was also much more rigid than that of the West Germans.They were bred for strong bones to handle the great distances they would be expected to patrol.During this period, these countries were virtually cut off from any outside contact.The government made any and all decisions and this happen to include strictly regulating breeding kennels.

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