Dating site for people in jail

Posted by / 20-Jul-2020 08:31

Dating site for people in jail

The suitors are among dozens of male and female cons who have posted personal profiles and photos on a matchmaking website with a twist.

This site hooks up people on the inside with those on the outside. He claims to hold the Toronto record for robbing the most banks in the shortest span: 11 financial institutions knocked off in four-and-a-half hours.“Not something I am really proud of,” Alex Nikoloski writes in his profile.

The profiles are authored entirely by the convicts, which means nobody double-checks them for accuracy.

They exchanged letters, shared laughs together on the phone, and she sent him a photo.“I fell in love with her — love at first sight — and I’ve never done that before,” said Mehlenbacher, who bought a ring and plans to pop the question to her soon.“Basically, I feel like she’s my angel that came to me.”Mehlenbacher, who describes himself as a born-again Christian, said he’s spent nearly 17 years of his life in jail because of crimes he committed to support a drug habit.Young is actually separated from another federal inmate she married in a jailhouse wedding, just last summer.She said her ex-husband is actually the one who told her about the website.And she believes they would be less likely to lie since you already know why they were sent to jail.“You just do your research on them, or whatever, and you’ll be good,” she said.Not every prison love story, though, has a fairy-tale ending.

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It doesn’t matter, insists Melissa, who says the site helps prisoners pass the time and “get back into the swing of things” as they reconnect with women.“I’m making a difference, for sure — and that’s become most important to me,” said Melissa, whose website is open to any offender.“It doesn’t matter what they’ve done. I’m just a firm believer in redemption and rehabilitation…