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Dating site essays

With an air of confidence he claimed, "I can handle the both." I'm still rebuking myself why I allowed myself to get so close to him, as he had confirmed at the beginning of our messaging that he'd married a girl too.But silly me, I fell in love with him and later realized that to live under the same roof every day with him wasn't possible at all. If I was online he went offline, with no reply to my emotional and painful messages.I've been taking antidepressant for eight years because I have been tortured so long by the thought that my dad did not love me in childhood.I defy god's given dad by searching for myself a dream daddy who has all necessary qualities.I want to be daddy at any cost, and I don't think India has any law that allows a gay couple to adopt a child.

I still remember my first love Darren, a rape child. Neither of us had enough money to travel to meet the other. On top of everything else, he was not in good health.

So after three months of wasting time exchanging romantic messages, I departed from him. Later it was also come to an end, as he disliked the type of communication through which we shared our thoughts. Suddenly, about a month later, he came back online to explain that he was in a hurry to get married.

He wanted me to buy a mobile phone so he could converse with me instantly through SMS's. Another prospect befell, a young chubby whose parents were allegedly killed in the disguise of a car accident. I, however, wanted time, at least three or four years to finish graduation and post graduation.

In that first brush with love I was too naïve to notice that children stuff.

So I learnt from this heartbreak that I must confirm before initiating a conversation with anyone that he's unmarried.

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I supposed I was because he was more open minded guy who loved threesomes and group sex.