Dating royal doulton toby jugs

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Dating royal doulton toby jugs

It has also been suggested that Sir Tony Belch, a character in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, may have influenced the choice of name.

The first Toby jugs were made in the 1760s in Staffordshire, an area already known for the manufacture of Earthenware figures.

Jugs marked with a Mould number are often more valuable and examples signed by Wood command a premium, sometimes over £2,500.

We offer Royal Doulton wares dating back to 1815 when John Doulton founded the company.

Famous potters including Josiah Wedgwood, John Astbury, Thomas Whieldon and Ralph Wood II all produced early Toby jugs.

New characters, such as the sturdy Martha Gunn, a famous Brighton bathing machine ‘Dipper’, the Hearty Good Fellow and the Gin Lady, soon began to appear as variants on the Toby theme.

We also feature an extensive collection of Royal Doulton character jugs and toby jugs which have become very collectible since the 1930s.

The jug was probably named and modelled after ‘Sir Toby Philpot’ a legendary 18th century drinker, who also made an appearance in Francis Fawkes song ‘The Brown Jug’.

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The Royal Doulton lion and crown trademark is used on toby jugs.