Dating pangalan ng bansang israel

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Dating pangalan ng bansang israel

Tarsis and Ofir were unknown lands beyond the Golden Chersonese of Ptolemy.

Their discovery would undoubtedly bring untold wealth and great fame in the minds of the people of those times.

timog asya: Bansa Apganistan647,50032,738,775 42.9Kabul Armenya[14]29,8002,968,586111.7Yerevan Aserbayan[15]46,8703,845,12782.0Baku Bahrain665718,306987.1Manama Tsipre[16]9,250792,60483.9Nicosia Gaza[17]3631,537,2693,315.7Gaza Georgia[18]20,4604,630,84199.3Tbilisi Iran1,648,19565,875,22342Tehran Irak437,07228,221,18154.9Baghdad Israel20,7707,112,359290.3Jerusalem[19]Jordan92,3006,198,67757.5Amman Kuwait17,8202,596,561118.5Kuwait City Libano10,4523,971,941353.6Beirut Oman212,4603,311,64012.8Muscat Qatar11,437928,63569.4Doha Arabyang Saudi1,960,58223,513,33012.0Riyadh Sirya185,18019,747,58692.6Damascus Turkiya[20]756,76871,892,80776.5Ankara United Arab Emirates82,8804,621,39929.5Abu Dhabi Kanlurang Pampang[21]5,8602,611,904393.1-Yemen527,97023,013,37635.4Sanaá ASYA mga bansa sa hilagang asya at ang kabisera nito: ARMENIA-yerevan AZERBAIJAN-baku GEORGIA-T'bilisi KAZAKHSTAN-astana KYRGYZSTAN-bishkek MONGOLIA-ulaanbaatar(ulanbator) TAJIKISTAN-dushanbe TURKMENISTAN-ashgabat UZBEKISTAN-tashkent mga bansa sa timog kanlurang asya at mga kabisera nito BAHRAIN-manama CYPRUS-lefkosia(nicosia) IRAN-tehran IRAQ-baghdad ISRAEL-jerusalem JORDAN-amman KUWAIT-kuwait city LEBANON-beirut OMAN-muscat QATAR-doha SAUDI ARABIA-riyadh SYRIA-damascus TURKEY-ankara UNITED ARAB EMIRATES-abu dhabi YEMEN-sana mga bansa sa timog asya at mga kabisera nito: AFGHANISTAN-kabul BANGLADESH-dhaka BHUTAN-thimphu INDIA-new delhi MALDIVES-male NEPAL-kathmandu PAKISTAN-islamabad SRI LANKA-colombo mga bansa sa timog silangang asya at…

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Pigafetta states that the reason was to get near the port of "Gaticara" which was the Cattigara mentioned by Ptolemy.

He mentions that at that time the Portugese were familiar with Japan and China, and also with the island of "Mindanaus" or Mindanao, so the Lequois islands must have been somewhere between these two areas.Chryse, the "Golden One," is the name given by ancient Greek writers to an island rich in gold to the east of India.Pomponius Mela, Marinos of Tyre and the Periplus of the Erythraean Sea mention Chryse in the first century CE.However, things were different in Europe prior to the discovery of the Philippines.There, they believed that Tarsis and Ofir were some lands far to the east of biblical Israel. King Solomon built the port from which ships departed for Tarsis and Ofir at Ezion-Geber on the coast of the Red Sea.

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Not only was it believed that the "lost tribes" of Israel were to be found in these lands, but also untold wealth.

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