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Dating palissy pottery

The word “NIPPON” is the official name of the country of Japan and Japanese makers and trading companies initially marked their wares with the name Nippon.

However, in 1921, the US Congress requested that Japanese Customs Authorities change the name to JAPAN.

The vast majority of ceramics makers' marks can be classified by the manner they were applied.

Arts & Crafts pottery is often made in smaller numbers.

Many only have a country of origin stamp, like GERMANY, FRANCE, AUSTRIA etc and most such specimens date around 1890s - 1930s.

However, practically all British porcelain and earthenware or Bone China, have the actual maker's mark printed or impressed and often a symbol to indicate the design's official registration (Rd Number or Registration Diamond cipher or some sort of a variation in the shape and color of the actual mark).

Because of this transition in the name of origin and in general, porcelain and chinaware that are marked “NIPPON” were made prior to 1921 and items that are marked “JAPAN” were made after 1921.

Furthermore, most related imports from Japan were rarely marked with the actual manufacturer’s mark.

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This means that in general, porcelain and chinaware that include the country of origin next to or near or within their maker's mark, were made after 1891.

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