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The daily panel discussions are central to the festival and are intended to be illuminating and constructive, rather than bruising.For many students, this is their first experience of critical feedback.It's clear that there are many students aiming for a career in professional theatre - some of whom are taking a degree in Drama Studies, while others have joined their college drama society simply for a bit of fun.This year there are colleges entering ISDA for the first time - and it shows.Adrenaline, caffeine, alcohol, sleep deprivation and sensory overload begin to take their toll as 25 full-length productions - from Shakespeare (Hamlet) to Mark O'Rowe (Howie the Rookie) - presented by the drama societies of 15 universities and colleges are staged over six days.Each day this week, four shows are performed in Players Theatre, UCD Dramsoc, Theatre Space (formerly Project @ the Mint) and the SFX Centre, where there's also a late-night festival Fringe, with live music, comedy and theatre sketches.The four black-clad performers, Cathal Murray, Richard Loring, Aileen Lee and Maeve Kearney, switch character and mood adroitly on a bare stage lit by streaks of blue-green light.

Saturday's performances are Friel's Philadelphia Here I Come!In 2016, he voiced Chief Bogo in Zootopia, Shere Khan in the live action/CGI adaptation of The Jungle Book, Fluke in Finding Dory, and played the role of Krall in Star Trek Beyond.He made his directorial debut in 2018 with an adaptation of the 1992 novel Yardie by Victor Headley.And, Frank Mc Guinness would be glad to hear, it's rowdy.Today's performances at ISDA are Rock Bottom Cafe (original) (TCD noon), Brian Friel's Lovers (UCD, 3 p.m.), Every Breath You Take (original), (Space @ Henry Place, 6 p.m.) Peter Schaffer's Equus, (SFX, 8.30 p.m.).

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In a couple of productions so far there have been alarming levels of sloppiness, especially in stagecraft, and little evidence of the presence of a director.