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Dating girl with std

As another example, a large % of the population already has genital herpes.

The majority of them never show symptoms in their lifetime and most of the rest show insignificant symptoms that would hardly damage a person's life at all.

I fully admit my ignorance and this seemed like a good place to ask. They are taught as an absolute, binary "big risk" without ever talking about specific transmission numbers.

HIV is higher than in the US due to a general lack of awareness regarding safe sex up until the 90s when a big public relations campaign changed attitudes. New infection rate is slightly lower in Thailand than the US now.

That isn't to say you shouldn't wrap it up, though.

The main real reason to use condoms is to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

However, I began dating a Thai girl about a month ago. New infections are under 10,000 a year now(7,000 last year, 100,000 in the early 90s), not really something to worry about for most people.Some male expats, who are quite experienced and have stayed in Thailand for decades, have a simple golden rule: Always wear a condom. It's important and I'm not sure why people are downvoting it.They remain happily single with their non committed partners. Exchanging information about safe sex should not be downvoted.This is definitely not what health class gets most people to think about, though. is at least 4 times as risky to have receptive anal sex To be fair, I come from a country that doesn't press abstinence forward (free counselling, easy teen access to contraception and tests, easy abortion, nation wide contraception campaigns, very relaxed and open attitude toward youth sex) yet that information never comes up.I was shock when I first discovered it and it's a shame because every time an unprotected accident happened to me, I was literally destroyed (when you're young and arrogant and suddenly discover you have no will whatsoever) and feared for my life.

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If you are nervous she has an STD, should you really be dating her? I understand up in the northeast, Issan ladies, and Chang Mai/ Chang Rai, the rate is higher then normal.

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