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However, only premium members can access essential contacting features such as reading and sending messages.Free members cannot do anything in the dating platform except to browse their matches, in which most have censored faces.The majority of be2's members are from different countries in Europe.The members of this dating site are diverse when it comes to age and gender.

However, on be2’s home page, it clearly states that the dating site has over 766,000 singles.While your matches are displayed in a list on the website, the mobile app shows your matches through a two-column grid.The grid shows the profile pictures of your matches together with their names, ages, locations, and compatibility score.Choosing the thumbs up button will send a like to that particular user, and choosing the ‘X’ would automatically bring you to the next photo.Member profiles of be2 members can show a lot of information about the user’s personality and interests, considering that the user fills out every section of his or her profile.

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This section also shows the traits and characteristics.

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