Dating another attorney at the office

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The lasting power of attorney’s responsibilities will be specified in the LPA.

It will explain what kind of decisions the attorney will be able to take, and under what circumstances - typically when the donor no longer has the mental capacity to do so.

An LPA does not give you unlimited authority to make decisions on behalf of the donor.

Being an attorney for a family member or friend could mean making difficult decisions about that person's finances or health and welfare.

Getting and keeping a job with a large law firm is extremely competitive.

For the majority of attorneys, entering a large law firm after law school is the culmination of years of study, achievement and sacrifice.

For example, the donor might be capable of making small decisions (such as what to wear), but not complex decisions about where to live or managing financial issues.

In each case, you should start from the assumption that the donor is capable - and look for ways to help the donor make the decision - rather than just taking control.

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The fact that the future for most large law firm attorneys holds (1) less money, (2) less prestige, (3) less important work and (4) the strong possibility they may even stop practicing law says something. Share your thoughts in the comments below the article.

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