Dating a womans point of view

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Dating a womans point of view

This is coming from a black woman that does not date black men any longer, and now exclusively dates white men.I asked her, what made you change to dating white men exclusively?We enjoyed some tea in the waiting room until they called us in. I looked into his dreamy blue eyes as he started kissing me softly on the lips, then my neck and ears.They gave us the usual overview and stepped out to let us disrobe. I […] My gorgeous hot wife Lani mumbled as she stumbled through the door just before daylight. Her long black hair in a tossled pile atop her head. With downcast eyes, “Yes baby, your wife has been a bad girl tonight.” “COME HERE, BEND OVER MY KNEE, AND TELL ME ALL ABOUT […] I had the most amazing night and it’s getting to be habit forming.This group was predominantly black (or of African descent), mixed with women and men from other races as well. I only changed my mind because there are very limited good options in the black community…..I asked them, Really, I hadn’t realized that black men had gone the way of the Siberian Tiger. I used to say I want to be with somebody who understands us and our struggle; however, I now realize that also comes with lots of trauma and negative energy too sometimes.I told her that […] You came out of the bathroom about the time that I came through the door.

I find that some women and men, “switch-up-the-program,” because of their negative experience with a handful of people.

She said that she didn’t switch-it-up because she thought they (white men) were better. I completely disagreed…she choose them because she thought they were better than the black men she previously chose.

We debated for an hour about the, “less inhibited and treat me better” portion alone.

I took classes during the day, but the evenings are boring just sitting around the room and pool. “You know I did, you […] I reclined on her soft breasts as my naughty wife related her adventure into my eager ear.

Everyone else likes the bar scene, this does not interest me I figured that you could occupy me in the evening hours and during the day you could […] For our anniversary, he scheduled us for a couples massage at the spa I like to go to. The Sake was hitting me and I stumbled getting into the limo, falling into Robs arms.

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I came over to you taking my shirt off and gave you a big kiss.