Dating a leo

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Dating a leo

Looking for an easygoing, low-maintenance, and independent partner?

Someone who can always roll with the punches, never takes anything personally, and is always able to separate their ego from the situation at hand? If you're dating a Leo, you're going to need lots of Power Naps because these folks are as high-maintenance as they come.

As a same-element couple, you may need to make a conscious effort to not get stuck in a rut or even a competitive dynamic.

Spending time with friends, coworkers or relatives of another element can introduce a more balancing energy.

At last—a creative, glamorous, visionary partner to fill the empty throne by your side. Where you clash: This is all well and good as long as you’ve secured funding.

Kim Rogers-Gallagher - all rights reserved Kim Rogers-Gallagher interprets charts, lectures nationally, and particularly enjoys political and mundane astrology. While you love being the enviable power couple, image alone won’t keep you together, especially on a bad hair day. But as quickly as your lusty wildfire blazes up, it can also sweep out of control…or go from sizzle to fizzle.Your tempers can be as scorching as your sex, so while you might set off an inferno in the sheets, your arguments can also be legendary.Remember: Civilization began when man learned to make, tend and control fire.It cooks our meals, keeps us warm, powers everything.

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Too bad the reason you didn't call was because you were having surgery. Be prepared for your life to turn into a soap opera, too.

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