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Dating 101 2016

Scoping out a potential beau online is prudent (call it research), stalking is not. Try a button-up dress (unbuttoned a few fastenings above the knee), a scoop-back dress (for the walk to the bathroom), or a failsafe crisp white T-shirt with lace-up stiletto booties.

She publishes blogs, travel advice, and itineraries for her clients at Travel Observations.

Over the past nine years, Heidi has emerged as a New York area expert on “moving-on” when relationships end.

She has been featured in numerous TV appearances including Fox 5 News.

Ashley Manta facetiously refers to it as “dropping the H-bomb” — telling new partners that she has herpes.

She’s used to it now, but when she was first diagnosed nine years ago, it didn't feel so normal.

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